Suggestion for Application Audio Mixer

As it says, I’m trying to track down a good audio Mixer for linux. Most of the mixer I’ve found are just mixing the output. Is there something similar to a Sound Board? I have LMMS, MIXX, and Hydrogen installed I and I want to be able to mix the sound when I dj. The hard part is tha MIXXX lets you control two sound cards if installed: the live and the Headphones. I use the headphones to sample/cue the music before I mix/fade in the second song. I’m looking for something that’ll let me do that on a higher level between MIXXX, LMMS, and Hydrogen.That way I can live improve mix the music. Spin a song on mix, test sound from hydrogen to headphones then send it to the live card, and the same with lmms.

I’m not realy into these things, but I think you should check out JACK. Friends of mine will not do anything if there’s no JACK installed.
See: JACK | connecting a world of audio
Having read the initial info, I think it’ll suit your needs.

hmmm… a lot of projects under that…