Suggestion: Donate your older boxed sets to newbies!

I just got my spiffy opensuse 11 boxed set and it got me to thinking about the prior boxed sets many of us may have laying around. What to do with them? Why not donate them to a newbie? What use is the OLD box set you ask? I’m glad you asked…Opensuse can be downloaded and the manual IS available on the dvd but there are still times where you want a hardcopy manual in your hand and much of the information in the manuals from prior versions is still very applicable to current versions…so why not give that friend who you just talked into playing with the livecd some docs to go with it?

Just a thought.


might get a bit awkward support-wise :wink: some of us have SuSE dating waaaay back. I myself have SuSE 7.0 to openSUSE 11.0.


well…back to 10.0 is probably safe…you’d have to use some discretion but better that then gathering dust in a corner. I do however recall the books being thicker and more info in them in prior versions than the opensuse 11 book though.