Suggest KDE Twitter Client SUSE 12.3


I’ve not ever used KDE or SUSE before now. Can anyone suggest the above? The default widget crashes Plama & becomes unresponsive. Have reported my first bug.


On 03/21/2013 01:56 PM, fleamour wrote:
> Can anyone suggest

i don’t know a widget styled client, but any browser to should do…

or have a look here:


I have intermittent access problems with a web browser. General package search is bookmarked fo’ later!



I had a quick look for some widgets. I found two that look quite promising, but as I don’t use twitter, I can’t really judge it.

Installation is a simple as follows:

  • Klick on nut called “Desktop” in the right hand corner of your screen and select “Add Widget”. Now type twitter and see if you get a result. If not:
  • Klick on “Add new Widget” on the right hand side of the widget-bar and search for twitter. I got a few results. Simply select “install” to add it to your widget collection
  • Now drag the widget from the bar on the desktop. Hovering it with the mouse will bring up a little vertical bar next to the widget. Choose the tool-icon to set it up

That should be all.
If you struggle, feel free to ask.


TweetDeck within Chrome/Chromium (I use Chromium) … no show stoppers (on occasion it (TD tab) closes unexpectedly, just have to relaunch it)

turpial is a good twitter client

i use Choqok for the twiiter and it’s one the best client for microbloging.