Okay, I’m mostly a command line person but want to familiarize myself with this YaST/GUI.

I’m trying to set up the Sudoers file, and I went to put in my username, All, need password, and then what category/alias do I put it in for permissions? I want them to have full root access, but log by username and sudo in with username password, not root pass.


not sure what you’re looking for…

you can just give them access to yast2 if you want (I believe that would actually give them access to yast2 sw_single etc… I haven’t actually tested though.

As for the root portion, you can comment out the targetpw line

I plan on setting it up with sshd. And when the individual user logs in, when s/he sudos in, I want them to have to type in their password. Not the roots. But I want them to have full access to root. All via sshd. How would I set something like that up via the YaST GUI?

Ah… easy enough:

Do the following:
Comment out:
Defaults targetpw

User_Alias U_Admins=username,username

U_Admins ALL=(ALL) ALL