sudo? gksu? starting GUI programmes with root access

I’m coming from Ubuntu to Opensuse.
One of the many problems I encounter is that I don’t know how to start
a graphical programme with root rights. (I’m using Gnome because the
1-C-Installation for KDE4 doesn’t work for me atm)

In Ubuntu, one could type “sudo gedit” oder “sudo nautilus” to get your
programme started. Another possibility was “gksu nautilus”. But none of
these works in Opensuse 11:
“sudo gedit” gives me a “cannot open display:” and “gksu gedit” gives
me a “gsku: command not found”.

How is it working in Opensuse?

I wanted to make the Back and Forward buttons of my MX518 mouse work,
so I wanted to use an instruction for Ubuntu 7.04 that worked there. At
the moment, the buttons are working in Firefox (which I don’t care
about), but not in Opera :frowning:
But for this manual I need to modify some files such as xorg.conf and I
need to install the programme imwheel


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gnomesu gedit name_of_file


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as far as i know, sudo “something” was never working in opensuse the
same way like in ubuntu

you must in terminal first get root permissions with “su -” or with
“gnomesu” and then after entering root password you can launch app of
your choice…


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Thx, works :slight_smile:


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