sudo broken after update to snapshot "20190607"

Hi, sudo will not recognise the root password. su works OK, as do password requests through gui (e.g. yast). Any guidance would be appreciated.

I’m on TW 20190607, logging in to console as a normal user and doing “sudo zypper dup” works just fine here…

Possibly the same problem as recently affected Leap 15.1 … ??

Is “pam_kwallet” installed? If so a temporary “fix” is to un-install it.

Same here, KDE

Yes… Problem mentioned on the factory mailing list:

I’m guessing that @suse_rasputin and @mike_g don’t have pam_kwallet installed and thus don’t see the issue.

thanks, removal of pam_kwallet fixed it.

Indeed, it is not installed, but the following packages are enabled:

libsvn_auth_kwallet-1-0 - KWallet support for Subversion

signon-kwallet-extension - KWallet integration for signon framework

@ndc33, glad you made it.