Suddenly unable to mount BluRay discs (broken by update?)

I have never had a problem mounting Bluray discs until today. I assume that an update broke something. I am posting in hardware because I felt is was the best choice.
I am still able to mount DVDs and I can mount the Bluray in question without issue while booted into Windows on the same machine. So I feel that the player and disc are not the problem.
If I try to mount using the command line, I get: “failed: Stale file handle”.
If I try to mount via the USB notification icon, I simply get a “mount failed” error.

I run openSUSE 13.1 with updates kept current, both from openSUSE and Packman. The player is an external LG Bluray burner connected via USB.

Same here, but no clue what it might be.

Ok, found some more information about this:

Seems like it is a bug in the current 3.17 Kernel which will be fixed with Kernel 3.18. In the meantime you could try to downgrade your Kernel to a pre 3.17 release.