suddenly, sound stopped working but only when headset jack is used

I have no ideas what has happened, but suddenly this problem happened after a restart. Laptop’s own speakers work fine, but when I plug my headset it gives no sound. Note that headset is working, as I just tried it using my phone.

I’m noob here so I don’t know what information to put here. All I can say is that yast sound page shows two cards, both “Intel Corporation”.

Can anyone give me a hand here?


EDIT: In case you need more hardware info, this is Lenovo Thinkpad T440p laptop.

Can you run a diagnostic script, with your laptop plugged into the internet, so to give us more information?

First, immediately after a fresh reboot, with NO headphones plugged in, send this command in a konsole/xterm, and select the SHARE/UPLOAD option (do not update the script software if asked if you wish to update). Let the script complete. When it completes, in the konsole/xterm it will give you a web-address/URL where the diagnostic information was uploaded. Please post that web address here in this thread.


Then plug your headphones in, and run the same diagnostic script again, and again post here that second web address that you get.

Armed with that information, I may have see what the problem may be.

This is seriously amazing. Finally a noob-friendly way of collecting diagnostics…

After a restart:

Before plugging headset:
After plugging a headset:

Thanks, oldcpu!

I recommend the very first thing you do is unmute the headphones. They are muted in your mixer in both cases in the script outputs. ie 0% volume level and OFF ! Specifically I note:

**!!-------Mixer controls for card 1 [PCH]**
Card hw:1 'PCH'/'HDA Intel PCH at 0xe0634000 irq 48'
  Mixer name	: 'Realtek ALC292'
**Simple mixer control 'Headphone',0**
  Capabilities: pvolume pswitch
  Playback channels: Front Left - Front Right
  Limits: Playback 0 - 87
  Front Left: Playback 0 **[0%]** -65.25dB] **[off]**
  Front Right: Playback 0 **[0%]** -65.25dB] **[off]**

It should be possible to unmute such in your PC’s openSUSE GNU/Linux mixer application. If your favourite mixer does not appear to do the trick, try ‘alsamixer’ or failing that the very low-level command line ‘amixer’.

You’re awesome, thanks! I managed to do this using alsamixer. I have no idea how did this happen.

I’m running into the same issue, also on a Lenovo T-series laptop. Looks like a bug:

Your headphones are muted in the alsa script (where the below extract is copied from the output link you provided ):

Simple mixer control 'Headphone',0
  Capabilities: pvolume pswitch
  Playback channels: Front Left - Front Right
  Limits: Playback 0 - 87
  Front Left: Playback 0 [0%] -65.25dB] [off]
  Front Right: Playback 0 [0%] -65.25dB] [off]

Did you try unmuting those with alsa mixer to see if it stays unmuted ?

Anyway, the SuSE-GmbH packagers who monitor bugzilla know far more about GNU/Linux sound than I, so I’m curious as to their response.

Yep, that’s the bug, it doesn’t stay unmuted.

In the old days, one would save one’s settings in alsa, and not rely on pulse to do all of that. Did you try, after configuring your audio exactly the way you want, to save your current settings as the default options by running “alsactl store” as root ? The application alsactl is provided as part of alsa-utils in openSUSE.

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I did try “alsactl store”, but unfortunately it doesn’t help. There is a problem in the latest update of the pulse packages that breaks auto-muting of the speakers and auto-switching of volume to the headphones output, at least for my hardware.

OK, Thanks for trying that and advising as to the outcome.

wrt pulse behaviour, if the auto-muting of the speakers and auto-switching of volume to the headphones output is affected, then it reads to be a bit different than the problem in this thread. Its good to read you have raised a bug report to focus efforts to solve this.

I find the SuSE-GmbH packagers are nominally very good at solving problems, as long as there is not too much dependency on upstream fixes.

Ah, sorry if my issue is a bit different. At any rate, here’s the relevant bug (mine was a duplicate) which is now being addressed:

I have a T440P as well. I noticed that I had a Pulseaudio update. The update went from to I wound up using YAST, checking Software Management, searching pulseaudio and looking at the versions tab and downgrading back to Things seem to be working as they should. I did notice that in YAST, my downgraded version of “pulse” is highlighted in blue as is the upgraded version listed next to it. Is this a proper course of action to wait for a bug fix, or am I inviting trouble? Thanks.

Oops…just read sb56637 post completely.

Well done with the bug report. It reads like an SuSE-GmbH sound packager for openSUSE (who is also an alsa driver developer) looked at 2 solutions, one being a roll back of the suspected problem (in pulse) and the other being part of a major update to pulse. Both worked for you, and since the packager was not ready to go for the major pulse update, they are going to push to the OSS update the roll back.

I note AFTER the thread was closed, someone else chimed in (chimed in too late I might add), with only version numbers but no script diagnostics nor other information to help the SuSE sound packager analyze their system. I’m curious as to what the sound packager will state, but my suspicion is they will be asked to write a new bug report.