suddenly blank screen then start account manager and back like boot normally

hi … anyone have a issued use opensuse 13.1 gnome 32bit . when im do a normally use laptop suddenly blank screen and close all applications then show writing “start account manager” status ok ok bla bla… and back normally like boot.

im worried if im working and not save this happen repeat, not save my work. :frowning:

Hello and welcome here.

Does this happen righ from the beginning after installation, or did the system run OK until recently.
When this started to happen only recently, I assume this could be hardware.

thx for reply

but a blank screen happen if im access youtube from mozilla. ahahaha. sometimes >.<

i think a problem 50:50 . hardware or OS have issue ( i was a reinstall opensuse and change version to below like 12.1, 12.2 or 12,3 rotfl! )

Well, I’d say this would point to a graphics related problem (hardware or driver).

I suppose you use the flash version of youtube?
Then try to disable hardware acceleration (right-click on a video and choose “Settings”), maybe this helps?

Also it would be interesting to know what gfx chip and driver you have.
If it’s intel, this might help:

It it’s ATI/AMD or nvidia, installing a proprietary driver might help.

And if it’s a hybrid system (intel plus AMD or nvidia), then see for intel above… :wink: