Sudden theme change


I’m using Gnome, and sometimes (I haven’t verified this but I remember that it happened when I use Okular) my desktop theme suddenly changes back to Sonar.
No error messages, anything, it just changes back to the Sonar theme. After that, if I try to open Appearance, it crashes the system and I have log back in. Any ideas how I can fix this?

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Okular is a KDE application.

Are you using a Gnome login manager
Looks like this:

or kde
(ignore the the text info added there, it’s for something else)

If gnome is your desktop of choice then you should have the 1st image at login. The proper settings for gnome can be set here:

But what theme are you trying to use if not Sonar?

Yes of course. I am using Gnome but Okular is my pdf viewer. In fact I use many other KDE applications such as Kile as well.

At the moment I’m using Shiki-Wise theme with AwOken icons and MurrinaCandido controls. But I think it happened when I was using other themes as well.

It’s just I’m in Gnome desktop, with several windows open, and suddenly my desktop theme changes without any warning whatsoever. And then when I open Appearance system crashes and it goes back to the login screen.


Edited: Is there any log file I can look at so I can figure out what happens when it changes the theme (or crashes)?

for error in the desktop session

Thanks. I will check that file when it happens next time.


It seems there are some people in Ubuntu forum ([ubuntu] GNOME randomly reverts to default theme, then refuses to touch Nautilus - Ubuntu Forums]( who has pretty similar problem. For me, it only happens when I have Opera on (I always do so I don’t know if this is saying anything) and I close out multiple Okular instances at the same time.