suckless terminal

Is there a package for ?
I couldn’t find one.

If not, has anyone built it from source?
Do you have any tips that differ from their ?

Yes, in X11:terminals it’s called st…

zypper in


It says :

st-0.7-1.13.x86_64 (Plain RPM files cache): Signature verification failed [4-Signatures public key is not available]

Is this expected?

Yes, else if you add the repo or import the key manually from;

Thanks again.

I added
via the yast repo manager and then installed st via the yast package manager.
There were a couple of conflicting files associated with terminfo, but I chose to ignore that.

I noticed this change
but note that the version I installed still has [Alt + Shift + C] = Copy

I’ve built the latest git release for you to try out;

Just zypper in from the repo:

Ah yes… that commit is past the latest release. :rolleyes:

Thanks a lot. :cool: