Such a newbe,, I want to try KDE

Hello, I’m only 7 months old in umbuntu, really enjoying it, what I’m looking to do is search this form and others for the early early beginner, who does not even know if I need to upgrade from gnome to get to the correct level of KDE, to then get to installing SUSE? I see 101 pages here, but have no idea what to search for, anything I put in will surely only lead to more wondering around looking for an answer to this question…
(yep that’s how new I am), Where does my current set up need to be, in order to start this quest? IE, do I need to do gradual upgrades, to KDE 4.3, and then install SUSE or just SUSE w/ KDE, what happens to my current config, In other words, where do I really start? Current set up is Umbuntu 9.10, gnome 2.28.1 I need some direction as to where to start.
Thank you

From the GNOME installation, you can go to Install Software, show results by Pattern and choose the KDE Desktop Environment to install. That will give you the full KDE Desktop Environment.

Then you can choose KDE as your Desktop Environment when you login; you’ll see the “Session” option below your user login prompt.

hi i,m new here as well yo can download and try the different distros the same as Ubuntu to get the feel without installing is this what you are after? try before you buy

If you just want KDE, you can install the KDE desktop in Ubuntu which converts you to the kubuntu distribution.

I was an Ubuntu user with about as much time as you into Linux when I decided that I preferred KDE. I tried kubuntu but didn’t find the integration as stable or seamless as I wanted. It seemed like an afterthought. I then researched and found OpenSUSE with its native KDE and decided to switch. I backed up my data, built the SUSE install disk, and completely repartitioned my drive for the install, starting from scratch.

I’ve never regretted it!

I can’t say the best way for you to get from your current state to your desired state, but you have options.

I suggest downloading and burning a copy of the openSUSE liveCD,it will run slower than an install to disk.
It will however give you a good idea how well it runs on your machine

openSUSE has always been one of the best at integrating KDE.
If all goes well and you like what you find you can then install from that CD.

Installing KDE on your Ubuntu is a good idea as well as you can choose between desktops at any time.(you can do this with any distro)

If you have used Ubuntu and are comfortable in that environment, I would definitely recommend trying KDE. KDE, though fairly simple and operable, is a terrific system for a beginner to use. By following the installation steps, you can easily boot KDE.

While I would normally type an extensive response, it would be in my best, and yours as well, interest if you would follow these simple instructions:

install - Linux Command - Unix Command

Welcome to all you new members !!!

Switching to KDE on Ubuntu should be no problem, a HOWTO might be found in the *buntu forums. One could download and install kUbuntu just to mention one option.

But, these are the openSUSE forums. IMHO openSUSE provides the best KDE4 experience you can get. As suggested, download a KDE4 Live CD, boot from it and take a ride. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thank you, I was thinking about building a new Sys and os just to run all this first,

Thank you for the reply

Nice, thank you, really enjoy seeing responces geared to solving my problem

Busy Penguin, good to see so many folks interested in solving this problem,Thank you

Hello again , Ok have a blank drive, set up bios to boot to CD live 32 bit version, now have SUSE screen,asking for “Installation” or “Check installation Media, or “Boot from hard disk”, or Memory Test” I get a “Kernel not found” at all prompts except for the memory check, Do I need a os installed before I can install this?

This can only be a bad download ,bad disk or bad burn to disk.

Ok seems I can’t edit or ad to my previous post, so I’m doing it this way, ok, was able to load kernel, first time loaded 100% then screen went to a gray color, heard the disk stop spinning, have attempted to load kernel 4 times, same deal, starts to load, gets to 37% (loaded) screen goes grayish in color, and disk stops spinning, screen stays gray, everything stops loading… Oh and yes could be a bad download, did find another suggested place, re-downloaded, burned new ISO, that is disk currently trying to load the kernel…

Thanks for that,

Did you get an option to boot the liveCD?

Is this the liveCD or the DVD install media?

Please let us know exactly what, If liveCD then Which one,

If DVD install media, or whatever, the download needs accurate,

and an identical copy of the correct file with the md5sum correct is essential, as is that file accurately burnt to disk

You can not get as far as a media check, so your install disk is faulty!

check md5sum of your download against the md5sum you find on the openSUSE site for the same file

If that checks out OK, burn again to a quality media at the slowest speed the media and burner combination will allow,boot from it and run the disk check.

Let us know how it goes.

Noted also when pc first boots to GUI, it seems to automatically try and load “live SUSE” I see a small clock like graphic showing a effort to load it, the reports back that no kernel found, I then try and do a install, tries to load kernel,but and again stops at 37%, screen goes to grayish blue, nothing.
However I did on one occasion notice after one of my attempts, I did get a prompt at upper left of screen after grayish screen appeared?

Not one to give up to quicky, will keep the hammer swinging… Also Im fairly confused as to where to go to get latest greatest, w/ checksum? I’ve seen and read so many pages,starting to run together,

I can’t help if you are installing the latest development build of a few days old.

Please choose from a curent 11.2 version such as found here

I leave for work in 10 minutes.

I suggest downloading the correct version from here

If you are having trouble after this Please start a new thread

This thread is now of topic .

It will be about 10 hours before I can offer any more help
however someone else will, and I will check back after work

Hope all goes well in the meantime.

Wow Thank you, very nice knowing your there… no new thread, but can tell you, found some bad RAM… took a while but she’s loading at this time.
Thank you, will continue to report…I consider this topic closed.