Sucessful login to Windows 2003 AD...shared drive access?

I’ve configures YAST-Windows Domain Membership properly and can now login to our Windows 2003 AD.
However, from within Yast-Windows Domain Membership, when I select “Expert Settings” and then in the “Mount Server Directories” section try to access a fileserver I have problems. Pressing the “+Add” button, I enter the following values:
Server Name-“uaffbnksfs01”
Remote path- “//
Mount Point-"/home/scott/sharedDrive"
Options-"%(DOMAIN_USER)"…this is defaulted
User Name-“scgoldberg”[/INDENT]

However, when I press [Okay], I get a crash in this YAST module at “Disable Samba Services”.

I’ve also checked “Use WINS for Hostname Resolution”, and retrieve WINS server via DHCP.

In addition, I have installed krb5, and pam_krb5, as well as krb5-client modules.

How does my format look in the fields above? Any suggestions? TIA