Successful wireless AR5007EG Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Li2727

Hello, Could someone review this as I’ve probably made several glaring errors in the way you like these things formatted, but it may be of interest.

This was my first attempt at using Linux.
I obtained openSUSE 11.0 on CD from
It took me about a month to get it up and running on the laptop noted above.
Basically the process was fairly straightforward but the problems came from knowledge that is assumed but which we Noob(ies?) don’t have.

I basically followed the instructions from

  1. Install from CD.

  2. Download ticket 1192, ‘tar file’ of madwifi

  3. Install “Base Development” pattern from Yast control Centre - Software Management. (needed to load all the necessary tools etc)

  4. Remove the ‘Update’ Repository (to avoid getting the wrong version of the kernel source)

  5. Install the Kernel source

  6. Install the acerhk module (needed to set the software switch on this laptop)

  7. Unpack the madwifi tar file

  • onto a terminal and:
    Desktop Applet:-Suystem
    su -
    # tar zxvf ‘filename’
  1. make cloneconfig

  2. Install madwifi


    make install

    modprobe ath_pri

  3. blacklist ath5k

    echo “blacklist ath5k” | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

  4. And follow the instructions for setting the software switch.

Then you think it should all work and it doesn’t!


  1. on to a terminal again and:

    dhclient ath0 scan

and this should find the wireless network, but one still needs to configure it.

  1. In Yast Network Settings set ‘Use Network Manager’

  2. Select Applications:-System:-Desktop Applet:-Network Manager

  3. Use Network Manager to configure the interface.

Edit connections:-new connection:-wireless
Fill in all the required fields to add your Essid and security code but make sure you don’t hit ‘connect and save’ until it is the last thing you can do, keep hitting next until then.