Successful install!

I simply cannot believe how easy the installation of 11.3 went! Zippity, zippity, zippity, it was done! Beats the **** out of Windows!

I had partitioned a new drive before starting, hooked up the new drive as the first drive in the system, and when done with the install, I hooked up the old drive, mounted it to a dummy folder, and copied the contents of /home to the new installation.

It all worked so easy!

What a good job the Suse people did! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Maybe you were lucky to have a DVD drive. And do you have an nvidia graphic card that you would like to run with nvidia driver?

Really agree… everyone involved in dev, testing, etc… big thanks.

Both of my installs (PC - DVD install and laptop - network upgrade) went perfectly. Also love that for practically every question I have, there is a wiki page. Made setting up NVIDIA cards and figuring out where all the new repos are very easy.

ZStefan wrote:

> Maybe you were lucky to have a DVD drive.

You don’t actually need one - I have not installed from DVD since 8.x.
Just loop mount the DVD iso, then install over network with Live from
usb stick or the NET iso from CD.

Per Jessen, Zürich (24.0°C)

I am very impressed with 11.3 too.

My 11.2 settings just worked with 11.3 - what a cinch… Everything just worked :slight_smile: Even my Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse works sweeeet [which was slightly choppy with 11.2].

Well done openSUSE team, and all the guys providing feedback / bug reports.