Success with Install 11.2

Just moved on from Fedora 11 on my box to openSUSE 11.2_64

Some packages were not installable (broken) from the DVD (Checked and Passed). I just noted them down and installed at the reboot from online.

nvidia repo added and working
Multi-media all working
kde upgraded to kde43 repo’s

What’s not to like?:slight_smile:

I dunno. I haven’t figured that out yet. I must say, I am really pleased and impressed with 11.2.

Oh yeah, i am very happy with my openSUSE 11.2, it wasn’t working when i first installed it but i fixed everything :slight_smile:](

suse tradition is xx.1 mmm xx.2 yeah xx.3 WOOOOOOOOOOOW
seems that current xx.2 is WOOOOOOOOOOW :smiley: :smiley: don’t you think?

but still waiting ATI repos… but that’s usual…

Know which ones? If there’s an issue with install glitches that could explain some of the oddly bad reviews (LWN awful fonts, and I thought the YaST screen shot was disgusting).


Well I have them installed to, but I used a net install before the DVD ISO’s were available. I’ll try a clean install into my 11.1->11.2 zypper dup version and see if I get same.

On my Laptop with is 32 bit this did not happen.

These package failures happened on my Box _64 DVD

I moved my office computer from Fedora 11 to opensuse 11.2. I was growing weary of having to use vesa drivers for the stupid onboard video card 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G].

I really wanted to see if there would be a suitable driver in Opensuse 11.2 that could fix the problem. I knew that 11.1 was not so fortunate.

I used the liveCD and viola. The drivers worked like A charm. Everything was really quick and slick, just like my main laptop. :smiley:

I basically have a simple KDE 4.3 install with 2 widgets. No KWIN though, although I don’t mind.

Is it me though or the fonts are really close to MS Windows

Hi Sebastian,

Good to see you around and yes the MS fonts get dragged in with updates and IMO I get a better look in SUSE than in Windows.
I have a nvidia card in my box and even without installing the driver, after install it booted to a very usable desktop. I just added the nvidia repo and it installed itself when I opened software management. Worked perfectly.

I just did a Windows 7 Ultimate install too and honestly I find it a painful experience, Linux is way ahead in configurability and _64bit implementation.

Take care Friend


I like openSUSE 11.2…its a dream!

But only one thing:

Why is Moonlight not just integrated? I had to install it on Novells site! 'Dont like this searching/downloading/installing way! It remembers me on badly winblows times!:wink:

Yes I thought the MS install seemed amateurish, and would be unacceptable for any Linux distro.

My screen was pretty badly messed up, it rebooted back to BIOS too many times to count, for some reason, they would like to offer me the opportunity to hit <enter> to speed their reboot up. But not make it clear whether I could remove the disk and avoid another prompt once it came back up. I assume it was pretty much 1 reboot for each major driver. I just didn’t know if it would suddenly stop and prompt for something (like so much MS software does), or if I could just leave it, it being first time.

The thing was, the install itself wasn’t too bad, but it was the many hours after changing some bad defaults (like hiding file extensions), putting anti-virus on, decent browser & media player on etc; even with help of ‘’.

You get a really useable system much quicker with our install. I’m rather surprised at the general level of high praise for the Win 7 installer, from same type of ppl who likely go mental if sound isn’t auto-configured in a Linux install.


Probably for the same reason I refuse Silverlight under Windows. It’s just not needed by many ppl or sites. If you have that, it probably pulls in mono to, right? There were some fairly heated ppl at various times, about stuff getting installed by default too often.

Anyways, I find a ‘mono-plugin’ for browser with YaST->Software Manager, that’s what most ppl would likely need to view Silverlight stuff. What is it you wanted integrated?


A quick question for all you 11.2 users.

Do you consider 11.2 to be ready for use on my main laptop, which I use daily for university studies?

I’m planing on upgrading over Christmas, when I have time to do it properly, it’ll also make a nice present for myself.

Thanks in advance,

Probably, it seems in much better shape than 11.1 was last year, when it came out. Might be worth trying a Live CD ISO to make sure you can boot with new kernel.

Seen review based on HP Mini 110, which had problems with it’s b43 Wlan. Search round the forum for key hardware & software and see if there’s lots of problem threads, without good resolutions.

A firefox integration, same way like flash would be nice…:wink:

Yes, I think (am quite sure) that 11.2 should work well for you. I installed it the very day (night, in fact) it was released and since then have not found a single noticeable bug in my routine work. Maybe it’s just me, though. If you plan to use it only for home and study purposes, then you should be well-off. :wink: If you want, download the LiveCD of openSUSE 11.2 and try it out on your system to decide whether to install it or not.

But if you are going to use your computer for some ‘really serious’ enterprise work (which I doubt), you’d probably be better off with Novell’s SLED.

Well, this is the best suse i have ever worked with, i bought the 64 bit dvd from distrowatch and i have to say this is screeming fast. everything was automatic on my gateway M1626 i only have to load the printer drivers later but everything else works including my ATI driver. I was totally amazed at the speed i had everything done in 37 minutes. that’s i will set up lightscribe for k3b and this system is complete. what an awsome job my thanks to everyone who was involved with this distro.

My install experience can be summed up this:

  1. :confused: Will it go ?
  2. :eek: Fast!!
  3. <:) I love it when an install comes together!!!

Yes, do try a live CD 1st see which one(KDE or Gnome) you like before you install & if it works.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! To Barry From Barry