Success installing the Nvidia Driver the "hard way"

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has written about Nvidia driver installation in the forums and those who put together the wiki. What might be helpful to those who are wondering exactly how to do it, I offer how I did it according to the wiki in this sequence:

  1. In the console, I put in the devel kernel:

zypper install -t pattern devel_C_C++ devel_kernel

  1. Then I logged out, press ctr-alt-F1 to get to the console again.

  2. Log in as root:
    $ su

  3. Then I blacklisted the nouveau drivers. I was concerned that I would brick my computer, but it worked well. I knew that it went well at the reboot when all the graphics and text were huge.

echo “blacklist nouveau” >> /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf && mkinitrd && reboot

  1. After reboot, log back out and press ctr-alt-f1 again.

  2. Log in as root:
    $ su

  3. I placed the Nvidia driver in my home folder so all I had to do was:
    sh -aq

The a and q is to accept license and answer yes to questions.

  1. Reboot by typing:
    $ reboot

Worked great.

Thanks again to all. Now my next project is to get the google drive kio thing working. Need help with that because the git hub explination is a little hard to understand for me.

Just a reminder; if you install the hard way you must reinstall after any kernel or X stack changes. Installing from the repo reinstalls automagically

Thanks for sharing. To add a couple of things:

  • kio-gdrive is already in Tumbleweed, no need to compile it, see
  • You can install dkms, if you have the Packman repo active, then use the “–dkms” option ( so, “-aq --dkms” ) to hand over the rebuild of kernel modules to dkms