Subversion Repo no longer available

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I hope this is the right place to ask for help. If not, please tell me where this question belongs. I know this is a sles-related question, but since the package is from, I thought this might be the correct place.

It seems to me that for a few days the subversion repo is not available anymore. We were syncing our repo from , but a few days ago it stopped working.

From it seems that subversion is no longer packaged for sles12sp4. Is that correct? Since when is that the case?


According to the meta history page:

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[FONT=arial]You might want to mail the maintainer of the repository to ask why this was changed and request that SLE12SP4 is re-enabled since it’s still supported until April 2020 (6 months after SLE12SP5 release as I recall)


Gent in question;

Thank you very much. I’ve sent him an email.

I already got an answer: Subversion will not be packaged for sles12sp4 anymore.

That’s an interesting decision.
Might be worth doing a little personal research to see if deprecating subversion is widespread or not,

It’s always been my impression that support for all versioning file systems are forever supported… Over the years, on occasion I’ve had to use other versioning systems that are far older and less used. And it was my impression last time I visited Sourceforge that subversion wasn’t being dropped although there was support also for git (for some projects).


Note that you could take the Subversion source rpm and package it yourself vs SLE12SP4 if you want to learn how to use OBS (Open Build Service) (Great tool that, we run one in-house)) or ask someone else to do it for you.

We deprecated all our SVN repos at the office several years ago and migrated them all to Git thanks to GitLab’s nice import functionality (same for CVS, we had those too. Yikes)

I think Subversion is slowly going out the door, it’s usually only maintained because of legacy projects that may sometimes be really, really big.

There have been various Internet posts about killing off subversion for about a decade now…
But I really doubt it would ever disappear entirely, take mercurial for instance… It’s still used by only a few projects, but some of them are important and so mercurial is not going away.

It looks like the subversion repository may be gone, but I highly doubt that any subversion packages are going to disappear. I wasn’t part of the decision to drop the repository, I’d speculate that it was dropped as a signal that no resources are going to be allocated to it but SUSE is perfectly willing to accept upstream packages “as-is.”


Subversion is still in use by a lot of corporate IT divisions. As is PVCS, or ClearCase, or even CVS(NT). Just because graduates never heard of these does not mean they are obsolete :wink:

I am not saying I like any of the above. It is just not right to declare them dead and gone.

You mean graduates are obsolete? Sorry, could not resist.