Subtitles with K3b

Hello everybody.

I am the owner of one) a LCD/LED TV and two) a PC running 11.3 KDE.

Sometimes I like to watch my foreign dvds on my tv. Since it has a usb port i just rip to avi, and Heureka! - I can watch my DVD.
The catch is; if it is a french film - of any other, - no fault with the french!, - K3b doesnot rip the subtitles. So I cannot watch my french film.
Smart it would be to connect the tv with the pc, - however the pc lacks a HDMI port, only usb and VGA.

How to rip the subtitles as well, - and preferably have it in the movie itself, rather than in a srt format.

Would anyone know?

k9copy might give you that option

Cheers caf

Will try that



I installed K9copy.

Used that on one of my DVDs, - used the Wizard, chose MPEG-4 and in settings chose subtitles, and copied. It didn’t help. My film was still without subtitles afterwards.

Suggestions or ideas still very welcome.

Not sure
If I get chance I’ll have a look but I’m very busy ATM.