subtitleeditor not rendering subtitles (bug in gstreamermm 0.10.11-1)

As the title says. In subtitleeditor video subtitles are not shown during video playback, using either the internal or external (mplayer) video player. It’s a known bug in current upstream gstreamermm version (0.10.11).

Workaround for oS 12.3 64-bit: downgrade to libgstreamermm2- from oS 12.2. This rpm can be found at achaios build repo (thanks achaios :-)):

Note: not tested in oS 13.1.

As far as I can see, it works just fine on 13.1.

Tried today with oS 13.1 64-bit / KDE 4.11.5, subtitleeditor 0.41.0-1.1 from achaios repo.

Same problem. With libgstreammermm2 0.10.11-1.1 (for oS 13.1) subtitles are NOT rendered. With libgstreamermm2- (for oS 12.2) it works.