Subtitle Edit for Linux

Subtitle Edit by Nikse is my favorite subtitle editor and now a test version for Linux has been released. The Windows version is written in C# so the Linux version uses Mono to get it to work.

Newbie questions: I notice the linux zip package comes with SubEdit.exe, a windows executable. Is this run under mono? How do you start it? Is there no conflict with wine?


If it’s a mono executable, simply run it with the command ‘mono SubEdit.exe.’

Ahhh (insert lightbulb going on here).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Not a programmer myself, the coin took some time to drop: does this mean that a mono executable will run unmodified in windows?

I understand the other way is not always so as not everything in .NET (any of it’s versions) is implemented in mono, but even so it’s a huge step towards multiplatform development - something like java but faster. Is that correct? A programer can develop for linux and be assured that the app will run in windoze (lib issues apart, of course)?

Mono is available for most systems. Generally, a .Net app will run in any system under Mono assuming it doesn’t invoke any native libraries. I haven’t read any performance tests recently, and don’t know how it stands against Java as far as speed. It would be interesting to find out.