Subpixel hinting in KDE3 for GTK/Gnome apps


I use KDE3. I’ve enabled subpixel hinting and it works perfectly for KDE3/Qt3 apps. But every Gnome/Gtk apps looks ugly. They don’t accept my setting stored in ~/.fonts.conf. I’ve even tried use gnome-appearance-properties but still no positive results.

Any ideas, how to enable subpixel hinting for Gnome/Gtk apps using KDE3?

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From what I understand, the GTK libaries use the cairo libraries to render fonts…and KDE takes the Xft libaries. In my experience, one would need to patch both of these to enable subpixel hinting.

I was able to get the GTK apps rendered very well on the GNOME variant using some extra rpms from the Fedora forum (which worked great in Mandriva and Suse)…with a notable exception of FF3. I have been using KDE3 since then and have subpixel hinting through the rpms.

There is a comment on /dev/loki, by me which directs to a post on the Mandriva forums (and also a screenshot) on how to enable subpixel hinting. You could give it a shot and make it work for your GTK apps on KDE3.


I’ve installed subpixel packages. But it still doesn’t work for Gnome/Gtk apps. Take a look:](

But for KDE/Qt3 it works perfectly:](

Any other ideas?