subforum suggestion: Nvidia/ATI

I wonder if a subforum dedicated to Nvidia and another one dedicated to ATI here would not save us a lot of redundant explanations (?)

You posted this is Hardware instead of Forum Comments / Suggestions. :wink:

Oh sorry about that !
Maybe someone could move that thread then.

Timing is good, but this is rather ironic.

We have been discussing internally the merits of splitting up ‘applications’ to various subforums due to the volume there, but a MAJOR concern is users will simply ignore the subforum areas and post anywhere. That will greatly increase moderator work load. Everytime we move a thread we cause breakage for NNTP users. To try to minimize that breakage triples the effort (and time required) to properly move the thread.

This new thread is a prime (and ironic) example of what is difficult in starting new subforum. ie its in the wrong area.

If we can’t get this right for suggestions, how can we make it work for sub areas? Users simply can not be bothered to look, and they post anywhere.

oldcpu wrote:
> Users simply can not be bothered to look, and they post
> anywhere.

and, it seems that only about 3% understand the concept of “search”
and near 99% are sure they are the first ever to discover this
particular problem (so, to begin with, Why search?)…

no, i don’t think splitting either hardware or applications more
finely is a path to perfection…

i’ve been to sites that begin the HELP process by requiring the
subject line to be typed first…and, when it see ‘key words’ or
phrases (like say ATI, or nvidia, or black screen) it OFFERS a list of
possibilities and only after it is resolved ALL the FREQUENT problems
does it let the questioner ask their unique question…

further it won’t allow a subject line like “HELP urgent strange unique
critical situation with dire homework eating consequences!!!”