Style is broken - Request for undoing change

I added a style in December: New forum - big change for the worse - #105 by karlmistelberger It worked for some time. But it stopped working recently. I ask for undoing the change.

Looks like you tinkered with your system … :wink:

I don’t know what “Stylus” is and why you want to use it.

However I have a plain file ~/.mozilla/firefox/profile.default/chrome/userContent.css that does all what I want (works since December last year).

/* BEWARE! */
/* userprefs("toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets", true); */
/* must be set. */

/* use only with */

@-moz-document url(,

/* Width of topic body */
.topic-body {
	width: 90% !important;

If you want to manipulate the forum layout different/to a larger extend then you have to inspect the HTML code and add rules to your userContent.css respectively.

Beware! If the forum changes you may have to adopt your rules.

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Made no changes but the daily dup to current Tumbleweed 230608. Stylus switching is great again!

English and French Wikipedia now have a nice button in the lower right corner of each page which allows for hassle-free switching between full width and fixed width layout.

Try out: openSUSE - Wikipedia

In the distant future openSUSE forums will have this feature too.

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Thanks for reminding this trick with Stylus, I had it also enabled but more or less forgot it.

I already wanted to make the font size for the code blocks smaller and just added in Stylus:

pre {
   font-family: "courier new", courier, monospace;
   font-size: 11px;

And that shrinks the font size for the code blocks.

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