Stupidity + Lack of sleep

OK, I did something bad last night, as I was tired.

My machine has 7 drives:

2 80GB Sata drives internally
5 1TB drives in an external esata enclosure

The machine was built on opensuse 11.0 many months ago with the first 80GB drive and all other drives were added later, and was using a 100MB /boot and the rest was LVM.

I was in the attempt to do the following:

Create an md raid 1 array in degraded/missing state and add the md device to the volume group (vg00)

Then, pvmove off /dev/sda1 to /dev/md1
Then, vgreduce /dev/sda1 and attach /dev/sda1 to the mirror to complete the array after pvremoving it.

Instead, I was tired and accidentally skipped the vgreduce and went right to pvmove… Yes I am that stupid and did the -ff.

Now, I found an article that says if I pvcreate -uuid ‘<string>’ I can fix this.

I have been able to boot the DVD and in recovery mode, I can see vg00 but on boot I get an error. In recovery mode, I am able to mount the logical volumes and I have even pvmoved everything back to /dev/sda2 and vgreduced /dev/md1 out of the group

I have a backup of the config at /etc/lvm/…

If anybody can assist, I’d be grateful.

I also have a dd created image on /dev/md3 that I can get to if needed, of the entirety of /dev/sda