Stupid mistake, but can I fix it?

I had installed OpenSuse 11.1 on my desktop and got it working great. I wanted to do the same for my laptop.

However, I stupidly forgot to set the hard drive sizes for the laptop and my /home and / are very low GB size. Is there a way to fix this without re-installing? I have got all the latest updates and have already configured a couple tweaks for it and I don’t want to do it again.

I found out by trying to download a large file online - not enough space to save the file…


Thanks alot.

GParted LiveCD you can download from the net ( GParted – Welcome )

Remember that you should always take backups of important information before resizing partitions.

the short answer is yes, it is possible…maybe…depends on what
you put where and how much unused space is available, and where that
space is…

you might post if you have other systems on that drive (is it dual
boot?) and, if it is dual boot: did you defrag the game partitions
first? and are you willing to squeeze them some (more)…and, do you
need a partition that both the real and game system can read/write
too…stuff like that…

and the output of these two

cat /etc/fstab
df --print-type

would be very helpful in helping you…


I will post those outputs later. Right now, I can tell you that I did defrag before the install and it is a dual boot with Vista64. Thanks for the help.

all you other fixers out there…when he posts the drive info give him
a hand…i might be out for a while…long while…