Stucked on the splash screen, password desn't work

Hi everybody!
I’m working with SUSE 12.3 and KDE desktop

I have some problems when I want to log in.
The password, which I know for sure to be the right one, simply doesn’t work neither for normal nor for root account.
If I write an incorrect password, SUSE just react as usual when you write a wrong password, on the other hand, when I write the right password, the screen goes black for a second, as if the launch process start, but then I m sent back to the login screen.
The only thing that I changed before having this problem is the bash.bashrc file of the root account. In particular, I add the directory where Matlab is, in order to be able to launch it everywhere.
I’m quite a noob and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Which file did you change? /etc/bash.bashrc?
That’s not just for the root account, but for every user. If you made a mistake there, that could explain that also the normal user cannot log in anymore.
Have you tried to remove your change?

If you don’t know how to login now, press Ctrl+Alt+F1 and you should get to a text mode login. Can you log in there?
Or try to select a different session like IceWM (press on the gear symbol on the login screen). Maybe this one still works?

Yes, I change the /etc/bash.bashrc file.

When I try to log in in text mode I have the same issue: if I try with the right password the system seems about to start and then sent me back to the login line.
The same happens when I try to log in using IceWM.
Actually I have dual boot and I tried to undo the change to the bashrc file by windows, but unfortunately I have no access to the disk where linux is installed in windows (while I have access to windows from linux).

Thank anyway for your suggestions!

Hi, welcome

Like wolfi says, it must be the change to the bashrc, but you rendered the system inaccessible. The thing you can do, is boot from a Live USB or CD, mount the root partition, edit the changes out of bashrc, save them, reboot.

Thank Knurpht !
As I mentioned I’m quite a noob.
I can figure out how to create my live CD, but once I have it, how I can mount the root partition ?

Then try this:
Press ‘e’ on your keyboard at the boot menu (the screen where you can choose to boot openSUSE or Windows), search for a line starting with “linux” and append “init=/bin/sh” at the end of the line. Then press ‘F10’ to boot.
You should get to a text mode console without the need to log in.
Change back /etc/bash.bashrc. (you can use f.e. vim, joe or emacs for that)
Turn off and on your computer or press the reset switch.
Hopefully you can login then again.

Wolfi, you really are a shaman :smiley:

It worked fine and I’m now able to log in.

Just a last question: how adding a path to the bashrc file could possibly led to a login failure ?

I just appendend this

. ${MATLABDIR}/bin/matlab

to the bashrc file.

First, don’t add any stuff to /etc/bash.bashrc! Your changes could get lost when installing updates.
Add your own things to /etc/bash.bashrc.local (if it’s not there, just create it)
That will be called by /etc/bash.bashrc if it exists.

/etc/bash.bashrc is run at each login, so if there’s an error in it every login fails.

. ${MATLABDIR}/bin/matlab

‘.’ is used to include another shell script. Are you sure ${MATLABDIR}/bin/matlab is a shell script, and do you really want to include it here? (I guess that would normally be used to run matlab, wouldn’t it?)


should be this I guess: