Stuck with KDE 3.5 : no more display manager choice screen

Due to the “checkerboard screen problem” mentioned in another thread, I uninstalled, then reinstalled (or so I think) KDE4.1. However, when logging, I do not have the screen allowing me to choose my screen manager, and especially to choose between KDE 3.5 and KDE 4.1. I just have a grey (graphic) login screen allowing me to type my username, then a following screen (also graphic, also gray) to type my password; and the session is always a KDE 3.5 one.

Does anybody know if there something I should install/remove in order to get back the good old menu allowing to pick one"s username in a displayed list, and select any session manager for the session as well ? :’(

try going to control centre & changing things there to suit


Thank you :). I also rebooted, and everything was almost perfect then (no menu bar at the bottom of gthe screen, but pressing Alt-F2 and then typing kicker corrected that too.

Everything seems back to normal now. Is it an illusion I am having or is the present (Factory) KDE4.1 slightly faster than 1 month ago ? It really seems to be.