Stuck in root in emergency mode upon booting

I booted into emergency mode following an update in April. I don’t know what the original issue was that caused me to boot into emergency mode, but now I have somehow ended up in root whilst in emergency mode.

When I launch I get the error: “Failed to mount /sysroot/” and when I enter emergency mode the command line says “:/root#”

This means that I can not list my available partitions, use zypper, or use chroot. When I try to mount sda1 it says that the mount point does not exist.

I don’t understand booting very much and I have no idea how I got myself into this situation. I’m just hoping my OS isn’t bricked now.

I guess my main question is how I can get out of root and chroot back in, as that’s what I’ve gathered I should have tried doing once I booted into emergency mode in the first place.

Is TW your only installed OS? What last succeeded to boot as expected? What immediate sequence of events lead up to seeing that failed message? Did you do anything at all when the Grub menu appeared? If so, what?

If you can find your installation media, try booting it and selecting to “boot installed system”. See it if works better than whatever “emergency” mode you’re actually in. If it seems to work as expected, try sudo zypper clean && sudo zypper ref && sudo zypper dup. Before you do, you might want to try collecting some info in a text file to post here in the event we need to ask you for such things to further troubleshoot:

  1. parted -l
  2. cat /etc/fstab
  3. sudo efibootmbr -v
  4. inxi -Faz
  5. sudo zypper lr -d

If “boot installed system” doesn’t work, you can nevertheless boot it into rescue mode from which chroot can be performed to access package management and try another zypper dup, and if nothing else, to collect the data listed above.

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