Stuck at stratup after installataion

Hi, I am new to Opensuse.

I installed the latest Opensuse 13.1 64 bit OS to my newly bought Lenovo G405 laptop. After to the installation, it stuck on file loading with the message :
kernel Panic - not syncing:Watchdog detected hard LOCKUP on cpu 2
Shitting down cpus with NMI
drm_kms_helper: panic occurred, switching back to text console
The screenshot :

When I try to boot in safe mode, it stuck again. It wont display anything except a terminal window which also cannot entered the command (hang at the terminal).

I want the laptop to run Opensuse only, no dual boot needed. Here is my hardware spec:
Lenovo G405
AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon HD Graphics
4GB (1x4096) RAM

Is this some kind of hard ware compatible issue?

Help needed.


I guess you installed it from DVD, right?
My 2 pennies would be that the installation simply went wrong :slight_smile: Try re-installing it from another medium, if you don’t have the opportunity of buying the DVD (assuming you’d like to help the openSUSE great programmers team) :slight_smile:

I suspect that your guess is correct. That APU is a Jaguar/Kabini part … which might have been a little too newish for 13.1 … try booting to console (in grub, push e, and then append “3” to the end of the linux boot line) and if successful, log in as root, then using zypper, add the stable kernel repo and then after that actually update to the 3.12.x kernel … what that will do is at least get you new microcode for the cpu (if there is such) and a newer kernel driver for the video adapter.

Thanks guys for you suggestions.

I finally give up with 13.1, but go for 12.3 and it works!!

So I think I gonna stick with 12.3 first. Maybe I will try to upgrade to 13.1 from 12.3 through the live upgrade feature (if there is any). :slight_smile: