Stuck at "starting name service cache daemon" during startup on VM.

I keep getting stuck at starting name service cache daemon on a vm.


This is only slightly better then “it does not work”.

Please tell what you did, what you expected to happen and what happened instead.
And we prefer computer facts like copied/pasted prrompt-command-output-prompt sequences (between CODE tags above story telling.

Perhaps it probably would be better if this was asked in the Virtualization forum, as well?:question:

Will bemoved to Virtualization and is CLOSED for the moment.

Moved from Install/Boot/Login and open again.

This is not an error normally seen that’s virtualization specific(ie probably should not have been moved here).
Typically, virtualization provides name resolution services only for NAT virtual networks and unless the install has been borked this is practically never a virtualization issue.

I assume that you’re running either Berkeley BIND or dnsmasq in this VM?
You’ll have to provide detailed information about what server application is installed and perhaps a “systemd status *servicename” *for that service which would possibly provide a relevant snippet from the journal systemlog.

You should also
Identify the virtualization technology you’re running (VBox? KVM/libvirt? Xen/libvirt? VMware? something else?)
Verify that this is an error message you’re seeing on the Host when you try to start a VM? Or, is this an error displayed in the Guest VM?



This happens when I boot up the VM and I expect it to boot up and give me a console or login screen.

Guest VM, and I cant do systemd anything because I cant boot it up.

I hope this will be moved back as this is on the BOOT on an INSTALLer disk on a vm.

I am willing to move it back, but I must add that I, reading the original post, stopped reading as soon as I reached the word “VM”, because I then think: “not my piece of cake”.

Will be moved back because the OP states this has nothing to do with VM, notwithstanding him using the expresion VM (I am noob here and only want to have threads in the placce where the best help can be given).

From Virtualization back to Install/Boot/Login. Enjoy.

Please re-read my post and include all the information I requested.
Which virtualization technology are you running?
If this is an error which is displayed when you are unable to boot up a VM, is it a popup? console? And <exactly> what is displayed or are you missing something?

And, with the little bit more that has been posted it seems this is not a fully installed system…
What <is> this Guest? Is it an install source? If it’s an install source, what is it? A LiveCD? A network install? A full DVD source? A PXE?

In particular, you need to post what you did immediately prior to seeing the message, did you use a GUI VM Manager of some sort? Command line? And did your method of launching require a configuration file?


… I’m getting dizzy.:silly:rotfl!

I fully understand that. But the OP made it very clear that he does not want people with VM knowledge contributting to his thrread.

Yes, I followed that, and I do not disagree. I believe you made the right decision. But, I am still dizzy.rotfl!