stuck at GRUB4DOS prompt [EasyBCD]

I decided to dual boot OpenSUSE and Windows 7.
Instead of installing GRUB2 onto the MBR, I installed it on root and let EasyBCD on Windows handle the MBR.
However, when I try to boot now, I can successfully boot into Windows, but when I decide to boot into OpenSUSE I am stuck on this GRUB4DOS prompt.

How can I fix this?

EDIT: If necessary, I am willing to uninstall EasyBCD and install GRUB2 onto the MBR instead.

I think I now what went wrong. Since I used the default recommended partitioning (which detected the free space I created earlier on Windows fine) the filesystem of the root partition is brtfs. I’ve read somewhere that grub cannot work on a brtfs partition. So since I installed grub in root, that explains my problem.

Now I’d like to know, how can I boot back into OpenSUSE and uninstall grub from root, and install it onto the MBR?
Or would my best guess be to format the partitions and reinstall it again?

That’s probably the easiest. You will have to redo the EasyBCD setup.

Just reinstall exactly as you had, except use “ext4” instead of “btrfs” (or “ext3” or “xfs”). You don’t need to reformat – the installer will do that. But you do need to switch from “btrfs” to something else in the partition section of install.