Stuck apper update - "There is no update candidate for libcares2-15.0-2.1.x86_64"

How to resolve?

This has persisted for about a week, through two or three major updates via apper.
If I don’t deselect it from install, the update fails.

I thought I might be able to resolve it via Yast online updates, as that might offer me a technical resolution of:

… but unlike the distant past I can’t seem to get any updates to show in yast, to select them for install, to generate an error, for which yast would offer a solution.

Can anyone help please?

You are running Tumbleweed.

Update it with (as root):

zypper dup

Already since a couple of months the applets in both GNOME and KDE can do the dup.

@OP: Do not use YaST’s Software Manager or Online Updater to update TW. Never.
But, I suspect more is going on, so please show us your repos:

zypper lr -d

between CODE tags, the # in the editor’s layout ribbon.

thanks all.

a zypper dup seems to have resolved the problem without breaking a sweat.

perhaps I have just exposed a limitation of packagekit (as used by apper on a plasma desktop)?

out of curiosity:

has using Yast for online updates always been verboten in TW?

news to me if true, but then i have only been a TW user for the last 18months…

Yast update only pulls from the update repo and that is seldom used in TW