Struggling to import Outlook Messages into Thunderbird

Hope someone can help me with this.

I have googled for a solution and i’m lost as to what to do here and i don’t want to experiment and get it wrong by trying out a number of different solutions offered.

I am wanting to import many hundreds of mail messages and there attachments etc from “Outlook Express” running on WinXP pro SP3 into Thunderbird running on SuSE 11.2.

I think i need to convert the dbx files then import but this doesn’t seem to look as though its going to work for me because a conversion tool will convert to mbx files but my thunderbird files are msf files and Thunderbird only seems to have the option to import from Communicator 4.x. I’m not offered any other option for importing anything.

I would like to if possible import all my “Outlook Express” messages and my “Outlook Express” address book.

Is there somebody that can help me with this process.


See if this helps you. Open dbx files with Thunderbird • mozillaZine Forums

Thank you for your reply.

However things haven’t quite worked out.

Thunderbird imported them, but where too?

The imported files have not displayed themselves!

If i go to Account settings > Local Folders then browse local store there not there. If i drop back one directory i have a new directory named called inbox.sbd and there they all are.

I’m guessing i need to do something else here but what.

Any Ideas please.


Found Them.

Problem resolved by clicking on icon the left of “Inbox” this expanded the inbox to show all folders imported.

I now need to move them to where i want them i guess.

Thank you


akwe-xavante wrote:
> I now need to move them to where i want them i guess.

most folks allow mail to live in /home/[you]/something which is where
TBird will put it anyway, like


so, unless you wanna get REAL fancy and risk confusing TBird who keeps
all that info in a db, i’d think about putting them where you want
them using the TBird GUI…

for SURE make sure you have a good backup of the originals somewhere


One of the things, that does work is this:

Import the mail in Thunderbird for windu systems, then copy the folders and files to the proper place in your homedir.