Strongly different music volume in left and right channels.

Hello. After some time and last updates I found my music is played nice in one channel only. Other channel is quite silent (but still plays). Some manipulations with a cable, speakers and headphones made me sure that it is a software problem. So, how can I balance both channels (left and right) volume?

Soundcard: Asus Xonar Essence STX (Virtuoso drivers)

Are you sure that your PulseAudio profile configuration is correct? Launch ‘pavucontrol’ from a terminal and check the settings in the ‘Configuration’ tab.

You might also try removing ~/.config/pulse/ and restart your desktop session. Any difference with the sound?

Just happened to me a couple weeks ago, reason unknown.

Click on the Audio icon in the tray, choose Audio Mixer.

In there, in Output Devices, beside the name of your device(s) and to the right are 3 icons: Mute, Lock Channels Together, Set as Fallback.

Click on the Lock Channels Together icon, you will then see the left & right channels.

Check that both are at equal settings. If not, match them, then relock them together.

Yeah, thank you both. I didn’t found that controls in my Plasma desktop volume applet but they were founded in pavucontrol widget. The both channels were at 65% volume, I deleted the file, restart session and volume goes much louder and nice in both channels.

Thanks for the update. Good result! :slight_smile: