Strix Claw mouse wheel does not work

Sup guys???

A huge small problem… :wink:
I have a strix claw asus USB mouse. the problem is this beauty works but problem with scrolling.

the middle button, right and left works but all the other buttons relating to the clutch and back, forward and DPI setting don’t work.

I would be happy with only wheel function as well

appreciate your helps in advance


Fancy mice are a problem if you don’t have or know the correct xorg.conf settings. Need to find those to make it work right

thanks for your reply.
I’ve just start using suse 13.2 since last week. so i’m a very fresh user. Where can i find the file on net ??? I know the location of the file and i checked in hardware Yast . it recognize the mouse as both keyboard and mouse…
Any idea?
thanks in advance

No clue ask manufacturer. Though they probably won’t help.:open_mouth:

I did not find anything on a fast search of Google.

Read up on mouse config in the xorg.conf. maybe you can try some things