stripslahs a data dump form a mysql

how to stripslahs a data dump form a mysql db.

in order to get only the text

(9, 54, '[2012:10:13] Die Stunde Null - ein Medium wird neu erfunden...', 'die-stunde-null-ein-medium-wird-neu-erfundenbuches', '', '<p>E-Books auf )

look forward to hear from you

I think you need to provide a sample of your data dump and then an example of what you hope to achieve.
If the slashes are simply delimiters, then that can easily be done.
If you want to save yourself the step of dumping your data into a textfile, tools like Logstash which I mentioned earlier in your other posts can accept streams.

BTW - If you take a few seconds to fix your typo errors, your posts would be easier to read (and less guessing)


hello dear TSU

many many thanks for the quick answer. happy to read your answer.
as for now i have to get out of the house. but i come back later

hope to see you .,- here - soon. btw. i look forward to see your answer int the osmosis-questions.
i am going to digg deeper into your gis / osmosis - programmes.