streaming video using vlc

I try to stream a video to a TV using VLC. I followed all the instructions about the settings but the TV topbox cannot connect. I checked the packages using wireshark and the only streamed package looked like that:
187 4.494837000 MPEG TS 1358 Source port: 39537 Destination port: search-agent
The destination port search-agent surprised me since I configured the destination address definitely to
At the firewall I added the custom rule for UDP and destination port 1234 but it is entered there in yast as “search-agent (1234)”. However even if I temporarily stop the firewall I cannot connect. How come that even if the address in VLC player is entered with port the packets have search-agent?
I assume that is the reason I cannot connect.

search-agent is just a name defined in /etc/services and has most likely nothing to do with your problem.
The name is just used for simplification. You could run any service on a port no matter what his name is.
Maybe try some tools like nmap and/or netcat to see whether the port is open (for you) or not.

Thanks auirio, at the moment the TV is disconnected because of some building activities … I will try this later.