Streaming video,music,and photos from OpenSuse 12.2 PC to Ipad

I would like to be able to stream videos, music ,and photos between my PC running OpenSuSe 12.2 and my Apple Ipad. Solution needs to be as simple as possible preferably operating through a GUI rather than command line. I have Googled for a solution and various suggestions have come up usually using a desktop program for the PC, and an Ipad app from the same source, which claim they will run with Linux but have not found a variant specific to OpenSuSe Linux. I am not technically competent enough to work with anything which will not work ‘straight out of the box’.
Has any one done this and can lead a feeble minded pensioner along the road to success!
Thanking you in anticipation,


P.S.I should have said I have a private network with connection by ethernet (the PC) and WiFi (the Ipad).

Depends if Apple supports sftp://
That would be my plan if they did
But I’ll not by Apple on principle

On Wed, 16 Jan 2013 17:16:02 +0000, merkland wrote:

> I would like to be able to stream videos, music ,and photos between my
> PC running OpenSuSe 12.2 and my Apple Ipad.

I’m told xbmc is able to do this. I don’t have an iPad, so I don’t know
anything about setting it up, but that might be a good place to start.


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Jim and cat4926,

Thanks for your helpful suggestions.
Apple does support SFTP so I am going to try Filezilla on my PC as there is a linked Ipad app, if this does not work then I will look at xbmc again.
Will let you know how I get on.


Despite going through The Opensuse Documetation (Reference and Security sections) I think the only thing I have succeeded in doing is get myself totally confused. I have failed in getting either Filezilla or XBMC programs to communicate over my network. I think it obvious that I have not got my PC configured properly.
To repeat what I have and what I would like to do:
A desktop PC running OpenSuSe 12.2 connected by ethernet cable to a BT Home Hub Broadband Wireless Router.
An Apple Ipad1 with wirfi access to the internet via my Home Hub.
A Laptop running Windows XP with wifi.
I wish to be able to transfer files or stream music, pictures, and video between the three machines, primarily from the desktop PC to the other two.
My understanding is that these three machines with the Home Hub form a local network.
I had initial temporary success with filezilla on the Laptop being able to access the PC but this only worked the once and has not succeeded since. I have been unable to get the PC to communicate with either of the other two and suspect that:
(a) my network card is not configured to be able to access the local network as well as the internet, this is a precis of my current set up:

RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller
MAC : 40:61:86:2e:10:05
BusID : 0000:02:00.0
Device Name: eth0

  • Started automatically at boot
  • IP address assigned using DHCP

(b) my firewall is not set correctly, again this is a precis of how it is currently set:
Firewall Starting

  • Enable firewall automatic starting
  • Firewall starts after the configuration gets written


  • Internal Zone No interfaces assigned to this zone.

Demilitarized Zone

  • No interfaces assigned to this zone.

External Zone

  • RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller / eth0

Open Services, Ports, and Protocols

  • vsftpd Server
  • xdmcp
  • TCP Ports: 21:22, 8080, http
  • UDP Ports: 8080

Can anyone guide me as to whether these settings are right/wrong, what they should be, or what I am missing?
Please note I need to work through a GUI as my memory is not what it once was and I can never remember the commands and their sequence for command line work.
Any help gratefully received.


Try using VLC player. Go to Media -> Open Network Stream and select whatever encoding, etc you want. Make sure nothing is blocked by a firewall.

I don’t think the problem is with the media servers, so much as with the ipad itself - Have a look on the apple market for UPnP/ DLNA apps, then try some of the suggestions above.

I would recommend mediatomb as the server though, takes 5 mins to set up, accessed via web browser to tweak settings.

Thank you for your program suggestions, I will keep them in mind ,but the problem would appear to be firewall related either in the router or on my desktop PC.


I am on Android but this solution will work for you as well. I use PS3 media server before you ask it works for many more things than just the PS3. Install it and make sure you have installed all necessary packages VLC, Mplayer, Mediainfo, FFMPEG. Setup is GUI and very simple I will be happy to help you if you need it. It will let you stream all your photos,music and videos even with real time transcoding not to mention web feeds like The Onion or Equals Three. Get PS3 media server from here.

PS3 Media Server

I use Bubble UpnP but you will have to use Airplayer for an Ipad available in the Itunes store.

At $4.99 it’s not bad and does an incredible job.


I have downloaded the PS3 Media Server and opened the tgz file in a folder but now what do I need to do?
Bearing in mind I am old, and now feeble minded with this command line stuff, can you give me some simple step by step instructions please?


By default the downloaded file goes in the Downloaded folder unless you changed that. So go in that directory right click on the file and extract the file either under this directory or wherever you want the directory of the extract to be created. That will extract into a directory called pms-1.72.0. Navigate inside that directory and locate the file which should start your PMS server if you use double-click. A graphical application will open which is your PMS server which needs to be set. The Help tab would give you a quick how-to to set it up. Most important is the Firewall which needs to be opened for port 1900 and 5001 the default unless you want to change it. Also setup the directory to be shared. Good luck!

Thank you I have now got it working sort of! i.e. am able to communicate between the PC and the Ipad but it is unable to convert videos due to lack of MEncoder
In the instructions it says the following have to be installed MPlayer(installed), FFmpeg(installed), MEncoder - where do I get this as it is not listed in Yast?, TsMuxer is also not listed in Yast but there is an executable file in the pms-1.72.0 folder, what do I do with it? I have VLC installed.
Sorry to be so dim but this is all new to me and the instructions are not geared for dimwits!


I would suggest you install all your multimedia packs according to the instructions in the Multimedia forum. They are very easy to follow and easy to do(1-click install) and you’ll have all the packages you need. I don’t recall installing anything extra ever.
There are 2 lib packages needed for PMS, check the logs(in the console) as I don’t recall the names. libzen? and one more.

Sorry I have been away for a bit. unzip the ps3 media server package and put the files in /opt/ for instance mine are in /opt/PMS.

now get the pmsencoder plugin from here.

place it in the plugins directory inside /opt/PMS or whatever you named your folder.

Now open the file by right clicking on it and choosing open with a text editor kwrite or gedit depending upon your desktop and change the following line.

exec “$JAVA” $JAVA_OPTS -Xmx768M -Xss1024k -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Djna.nosys=true -classpath “$PMS_JARS” net.pms.PMS “$@”


exec “$JAVA” $JAVA_OPTS -Xmx1536M -Xss1024k -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Djna.nosys=true -classpath “$PMS_JARS” net.pms.PMS “$@”

Then save and close.

Next make the folder and all files within full permissions open a terminal and become root by typing su then pressing enter and entering your password and typing chmod -R 777 /opt/PMS
and pressing enter next make executable by typing chmod +x /opt/ then press enter
and then type exit and press enter and close terminal.

Now add to startup so that it will start on boot. Different desktops have different ways of doing this so consult documentation for your desktop. IE Gnome or KDE.

Once you have rebooted and the server has started successfully The first thing is to check the start minimized option. The rest is menu driven and very simple to set up. if you need further advice just message me here and I will respond.

Mediainfo is the package you need it will install libzen and libmediainfo. You also need to install VLC, Mplayer, FFMPEG, and Mencoder. Before you start the media server. The best place to get these is to do the Once Click Install search for the packages here. Search

Just use the search function to look for the rest and install them.

minidlna is available. Install, read and edit /etc/minidlna.conf, make it start through Yast runlevel editor, done. Like already said by others, there’s loads of dlna clients for iOS.

MiniDLNA is a great server but in his original post he asked for something with a GUI and I was thinking this has a very well laid out GUI.

Since the OP has admitted to being a noob, IMO is important that he clarify he knows the technical terms he has been using, paricularly the streaming requirement. Does he know the difference between streaming and simply playing a file deployed on a different machine?

If he really wants streaming, he has to deploy a streaming server app like VLC or MediaTomb. If he simply wants to play a file on his iPad that is on his openSUSE box and doesn’t really need/want streaming, then he only needs to expose the media files as a network resource like network share, ftp, http, etc.

Regardless the issue of streaming, the file has to be encoded in a format supported by his iPad and an application must be installed that can play the file. So, no Flash. File may have to be converted/encoded to a format different than what it is now.


That is why I recommended PS3 Media Server not just because of the GUI but also transcoding capabilities. A good example would be web streams using Chocolateboy’s pmsencoder plugin you can add it and view it on any device that will see the PS3 Media Server. Personally I use the Apple movie trailers and Equals Three streams. Transcoding does add to the overhead though when viewing a 1080P mkv file over wireless you are gonna need a really solid connection and at least a dual core processor.