streaming radiostations with streamtuner

I am from the netherlands so excuses if my spelling isn,t faultless;)

install streamtuner>>set audacious in preferences streamtuner as audioplayer,when i clicked on a radiostation audacious started,but still no streaming

btw sound is working perfect](

anyone a suggestion

i solved the probleem download Xmms and set xmms as audioplayer in preferences streamtuner,when i tested speaker-test 1.0.16 PULSEAUDIO: Unable to create stream.
Unable to set hw params for playback: Invoer-/uitvoerfout
Setting of hwparams failed: Invoer-/uitvoerfout

so setting xmms was the solution

ps how can i marked this as solved

I would like to add:
-i am streaming from my house since 3 years now (shoutcast, icecast2 relayed).

  • i installed opensuse 10.2 (version Jack audio distro)
    -it seems to me like a linux transvested in windows (my god an emulation of desk in the Konsole … as a traveller guide for guidos!) anyways i wont judge it is free. BUT,
    -appears unsufficient: at the end (one week) i go tu put my nose in funny litterature, unless novell one, it works, just to learn the basics, and see something else is posible under different distribution BECAUSE.
    Jumping through the command and text and applications and configuration editors, waiting mozilla process (disastrous vs windows -switch your boot, booty!) but not at all ubuntu!) tired me so much,
    see sopme of your forum concerning image insert under vim … and the result.

I dont mock, i am a simple witness.

My webradio is fairly broken since a week, at time i have emergent network information to relay, i am not there !!!

Working to change distro, learning commands, in the soil or not yet.


Firewall configuration and oth insanity in parameters, will swallow you up in a while, your media edition & production will disappear soon, and you will reward open source as a lost guy in a desert of 24 bits :Xrotfl!:wink: