streaming network video


I have gb’s worth of video stored on my centos fileserver that I would like to watch on my OpenSUSE laptop. The videos are a mix of avi, wmv, qt and other protocols.

What I would like to have it to stream these videos to my local videoplayer and not have to download them first to a tempfolder (kaffeine, mplayer) before playing since they are 100s of mbytes large.

If memory recalls correctly this was working for me on Arch with VLC but somehow VLC does not work over the network for me on O.S.

I tried both adding the network share as a ssh-source / samba share in dolphin as well as making a cifs mount to the share and trick the player in running it “locally”

XBMC plays these video files perfectly over the network.



using a HHTP server is not an option? Because MPlayer streams HTTP just fine…


mmm that might be an idea. I never tried it, currently my files are not anywhere near my /var/www/html but I could manage something but would it be better/smarter/faster then cifs or ssh mounts? for some reason in OS these types of mounts make the video stutter whereas I did not have this issue before.

thanks a lot,