streaming mms

Hi all,

to see mms streaming in firefox, usually I add in about:config the follow string: personalized string usr/bin/your_preferred_videopleyer
(if I well remember, note I come from debian)

this tip doesn’t work in suse.

What can I do to see mms streaming?

Thanks in advance

Well, it could have something to do with Firefox version 3 vs. version 2–openSUSE uses 3, and i am assuming that Debian uses 2.

Sometimes I can view mms streams in FF, sometimes not–I think some of it depends on how the website was coded. If all else fails, though, you can copy the link, open a shell (like Konsole), and use mplayer to view it:

mplayer mms://link-to-wherever

I used that recently to view a video. You can also save to disk using mimms.

thanks wnj,
but generally I don’t know url of streaming; I need too to build a simple system useful for an opposite-linux-user; however debian sid I used had FF3.
the string addresses the player you want play; the point is in suse I don’t find the command to open programs (in debian are in usr/bin)