Streaming Desktop with VLC and pulseaudio?


I am trying to stream my Desktop through VLC. Video isn’ t a problem but audio is.
The problem is with the upgrade from 11.3 to 11.4 I got pulseaudio again.
I can’t find a way to stream all local audio channels with VLC and pulseaudio.
I tried “padsp vlc” and used oss:///dev/dsp which kinda works but the audio is very very low as in useless.
I also tried setting up rtp/multicast pulseaudio but I couldn’t get it working.

I can only see three more options:
Try again rtp/mutlicast
Remove pulseaudio
Use Windows

Since I don’t want to use Windows and removing pulseaudio is a lot of messing around I would like to get some help on this topic.

openSUSE 11.4 x64
KDE 4.6.2
VLC 1.1.9
pulseaudio 0.9.22

… so I guess if you are a user it is impossible with pulseaudio?

Nx client/server may be able to do this using esound, but I haven’t tried it

NoMachine NX - Support: Article

I use nx because it seems faster than vlc for remoting KDE+firefox (linux to winxp). I keep meaning to experiment with audio. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone has got audio to work.

Thanks. But I don’t want to remote access my Linux or Windows session. I want to stream my desktop via video and audio. With desktop I mean the screen/GUI.

Sorry about that I read VNC instead of VLC - not sure if it will help, but here’s a pulse audio thread I came across…

PulseAudio & KDE in 11.4: What are the consequences?

Thanks, but most of that I already knew. And it’s not about what I asked.

I guess it’s too complex to just do it. And I don’t want to spent more endless hours of searching the internet for “how can I record my audio in VLC with pulseaudio”.
I guess I need to wait a few years until pulseaudio is stable and some apps are written for it or VLC can handle it for input.