Streaming BBC radio

Not strictly a Linux issue, but…

Think I can’t do this:
In Aus, and have previously streamed BBC radio directly from a URL, which worked fine, but since the change to BBC Sounds, I believe the URLS are region locked.
Can still stream using apps such as Tunein etc, but prefer not to use my browser to stream the radio.
Is there any way I can stream (using Strawberry Music Player / VLC / etc) without having to utilize a VPN?

Could this be the reason? – <;.

  • It seems that, international BBC Radio streaming will return to normal after Sunday the 5th of September 2021.


Nope, I tried to open the BBC Radio 1 URL in Audacious – it didn’t work – played OK in Firefox however …
Digging deeper it seems that this is a case of “App-only plus Register” for the streaming services …

Just wondering where you got the quote re: “international BBC Radio…”.
Cant find it on the link.

“Recently, BBC World Service changed their live audio stream url. I used to be able to put a certain url into vlc and it would play the audio in vlc. But no more.”

look for mpd instead then use vlc

That’s their World Service, which they want the rest of the world to hear, not their various local stations?

eg from that link : vlc “**nonuk**/dash_low/aks/bbc_world_service.mpd



Think you’re my new hero! That seems to work OK.
Will have a bit of a play.
Thanks, heaps.

I run a KDE applet called Advanced Radio Player. When I search for “BBC”, I get a ton hits. E.g.: BBC Radio 1,2,3,4,5,6;BBC Radio Scotland; BBC Radio Wales; BBC World Service; etc.

Looks like a good widget! One question: Once it is playing, how do you stop it? :

Also “BBC Radio Cymru”, “BBC Radio Foyle” and “BBC Radio nan Gàidheal” – but:

  • Be careful with the “Serverstatus” – some need the AAC+ Codecs and therefore, may indicate “Error” if you don’t have these Codecs installed …

Apart from that, it’s great, does a great job – many thanks!

Getting that Error…
Is there a simple fix? Thought I had most of the codecs…

The system has libfdk-aac2 installed and vlc plays these AAC+ media, but Advanced Radio Player doesn’t. :frowning:

I have curseradio packaged up in Multimedia:Apps

Just tested the BBC ones in the following image (US based) and all work…

There is another I packaged up that works pyradio by adding the URL in this thread…