Stream music to "AirPort Express"

I’ve got an older amplifier and recently more and more music on a harddisk. Bought an “AirPort Express”. From a MS Windows PC I can stream music to this device (software: “Airfoil”). The device has an audio output to the amplifier and the sound is ok.

But I’d like to stream from my Linux notebook and found out, that somebody wrote a plugin for Pulseaudio to this end:

If I had Arch linux, there were a description how to insert this module into Pulseaudio fairly easy: .

Unfortunately the description uses the arch build system “makepkg”.

Can somebody make a package for openSuse, e.g. Tumbleweed? If I have to install Gnome, no problem, or use it on a command line, whatever, great.

Or any other ideas, except replacing the old amplifier?