Strange Wireles troubles


I am experiencing strange wireless troubles on my computer.

After installing open SUSE 11 (KDE 4.0) i had some problems with my broadcom controller, but i followed instructions found on other posts and now it seems the card works (I get the blue bars indicating the strength of wireless connection).

But Both Konqueror and Firefox don’t get connected to the Net (also other programs).

Any suggestions?

1 ) check firewall
2 ) check if ipv6 is off
3 ) check if offline/online mode is selected in browser


> Any suggestions?

Are you using DHCP or a static IP?

Please post the output of

/sbin/route -n
cat /etc/resolv.conf


  1. I am completely new to all this firewall “thingies”. What shall I enable?
  2. IPv6 is on.
  3. Both are not in “work off-line” status

Everything is back to normal now, not only am I connected but everything is working fine.

The trouble was I was using fixed IP instead of DHCP…:shame:

Thank you both for your help.

Cool, glad you are sorted,now enjoy :slight_smile: