Strange transparency bug. OpenSuSE LXDE

So I have installed LXDE on my SuSE install to have a addition to the GNOME desktop. The installation went fine (of course). But I’m now faced with a problem with the transparency in LXDE, I have a box around my cairo-dock with a piece of my login screen background (looks like the well-known black-box bug. See Screen shot). This is a bit strange and I’ve been looking at the solutions for the black-box bug since I’ve had it before, but have not found a way to sort this yetv(though i have found many solutions for the black-box bug itself).

But, not only is this box around cairo-dock, the rest of the transparency in LXDE also shows the login screen background. See screen shot.

As you can see, i haven’t had time to work on the eye-candy yet. for larger image. You got to paste it, this is the last time I’m using this image host.


You need a compisiting manager. Please have a look at this wiki page: OpenBox Faq

Pardon me for bringing this topic back up again.

Was the issue solved? I have the same problem under LXDE but have Composite enabled. If I run xcompmgr on its own the screen flickers for a second but there are no effects.