Strange Touch Screen Controls

I have created a live usb of Tumbleweed using ISO Image Writer. It boots and runs just fine on my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga. I especially like the fact that touch screen controls seem to work quite well and it has persistence without any further configuration. The problem occurs following a second and subsequent start-ups. Following that, touch controls become unusable. For lack of a better description, I would say they are too sensitive. Because it is available at start-up, I use Firefox for testing. On the first Tumbleweed start-up, the touch controls for Firefox window movement, re-size, scroll, and zoom work smoothly. on the second Tumbleweed start-up, touching the screen causes a mad scramble. It seemingly tries to zoom, scroll, and select stuff all at once. If I carefully touch and move very very slightly, I can get some measure of control. So far, I have not found any way to adjust screen touch sensitivity; if that is what is needed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Adding to the curious behavior is that I previously created a live usb using Ventoy and it does not have the touch screen problem. However, it does not have persistence. Hence, the second try using ISO Image Writer.