Strange SDDM Setting

Strange SDDM setting

Just looking recently in Yast > System > Services Manager

Noticed SDDM was Inactive and Disabled - I thought that strange, given that I am running a Default KDE install (New install, not upgrade)

So, I figure, lets turn it to Enabled / Active.
I reboot and all is fine

Now I toggle it back to where I found it: Inactive/Disabled
And BAM by system basically crashes out.
Force a reboot and login is not possible with Plasma 5
So in to IceWM and turn it back to Enabled/Active
Reboot and login to Plasma 5

So I’m thinking. Can anyone else check if their SDDM setting is like mine was, assuming you have not already messed with it (Which most probably have not)


I did exactly as you did no effect here got in either way. A quirk of your setup perhaps?
My setup is in my sig, it’s the 64bit one using Tumbleweed.

What setting did you find there?

1st time
sddm Disabled Inactive

changed to Enabled Active
All went well

2nd time
sddm Enabled Active

changed to Disabled Inactive
All went well

Hmm, since I’ve been using Linux from Ubuntu to Sabayon to PCLOS to Opensuse strange stuff like this pops up. It makes Linux in general interesting.

It is normal that sddm.service is disabled and inactive.
openSUSE uses a general display-manager.service (which should be enabled), this reads /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and starts the display manager set there (“DISPLAYMANAGER=xxx”).

You should not try to enable sddm.service or any other one. There were even problems with that in the past (should be fixed by now AFAIK though).
If you want to use a different one, edit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager, either with a text editor or YaST->System->/etc/sysconfig editor.

Oh, and it’s by no way mandatory to use sddm with a KDE installation. You don’t win or loose anything, and can just use anything else if you prefer.
With Plasma5 at least that is, KDE4 does only provide the Restart menu (where you can choose what boot menu entry to boot) with kdm.

ssdm was the setting in YaST->System->/etc/sysconfig editor.
Are you saying yours isn’t

Yes, and that’s why SDDM is started and running even though sddm.service is disabled/inactive.

As mentioned, display-manager.service is enabled/active and does that.

Are you saying yours isn’t

No, I have DISPLAYMANAGER=“kdm” here… :wink:

You can change that to whatever you want, and sddm is of course only the default if you do a KDE installation.

I know this is off topic but isn’t kdm going to be discontinued soon?

I think it is already discontinued upstream (at I guess it will be discontinued at opensuse when it fails to build.

Thanks, nick I knew there was a reason i wasn’t using kdm.