Strange screen freezing after login

I installed 11.2 a few days ago and am in the process of configuring everything.

I have a problem with the screen freezing just after login but before the desktop appears. I get a blank plasmoid rectangle (the default Desktop one) on a black screen. It then just sits there for about 5 minutes before continuing to load the desktop. The mouse move fine during this time but there is no response from the keyboard.

I have a GForce 8200 on board graphics card (Asus M3n78 motherboard) and am using the nvidia driver 190.42 from the nVidia repo. I’ve tried desktop effects on and off but it made no difference so I’m not sure it’s video related.

I also seem to experience the odd random screen freeze while going about setting things up. The panel would freeze (i.e. none of the icons, kickoff launcher respond), non of the plasmoids on the desktop respond. But the open windows do respond and can be moved, working in etc.

I’m using KDE 4.3.3. release 2.

I couldn’t see anything in the boot or /var/messages logs that would indicate a problem.

Any ideas on where I should start troubleshooting?

OK, after some experimenting and numerous rebooting I have found that the problem appears to be the mounting of my two external USB HDDs.

I have the Device-manager plasmoid installed (the one that gives the option to auto mount the usb devices after login. It appears that the mounting of the two usb drives is causing the system to freeze until the devices mount. Removing the device-manager plasmoid cures the problem of the freeze after login.

How ever if I mount the usb drives manually by clicking on the drive in dolphin it mounts and the files on the drive become available immediately but the rest of my system freezes (the panel, kickoff, anything on the desktop doesn’t respond) for about 2-3 mins.

The drives are 500GB (Fat 32) and 250GB (Fat32) and both are about 75% full. Should mounting the drives be freezing my desktop?

For anyone that’s interested. I reformatted the two USB drives to ext4 and copied all the files back. So far they mount quickly and I don’t experience any screen freezing during the process. So it seems the problem was with the fat32 file system on the usb drives.